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A caffeinated collaboration with Rising Ground

31 July 2019


It's true that most creative studios run on coffee and ours is no exception. The first thing we do in the morning is put the kettle on and grind the coffee beans for the first brew of the day whilst the computers are booting up. So when Sean from Rising Ground asked us if we'd be interested in collaborating on a label design and to create a 'house blend' for the studio, it was really a no-brainer. 


After a visit to the Rising Ground HQ in Wadebridge that involved some serious taste testing ("I like this one"), a brew was born. It was fun to work on this project with Sean, to whom the idea of having the Kraken rising from the deep whilst grasping a cup with its tentacle on a bag of coffee wasn't met with utter horror. Each bag is hand-printed on an old letterpress machine which lends a pleasing texture to the line drawing. Most importantly it tastes delicious, a great all-rounder for everyday drinking and fuelling long days in the studio. 


You can purchase here if you fancy it:


Above: Illustration in situ on the kraft paper coffee bags.
Above: Original illustration done with a dip pen and ink on watercolour paper.


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