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Where we're at... in more ways than one

20 August 2020


An awful lot has happened (like a pandemic) since our last blog post so it seemed a long overdue catch up was needed here to fill you in on where we’re currently at.


Our biggest news is that we’ve moved studios, we’re back in the hub of Truro on Duke St, an interesting corner of town. It’s been quite an involved operation getting the new space ready - it was previously a hair salon that was decorated with quite bright turquoises and purples. Several buckets of white paint, a lot of filler, knocking down a wall and new carpets fitted throughout and we’ve got it looking pretty chipper. Doing much of the work ourselves has been a learning curve, but we really do appreciate our new space even more I think!


Spread out over two floors and situated above the Duke Street Deli on the corner of Duke St and St Mary’s Streets, we have an abundance of natural light from 14 huge sash windows, there’s barely a right angle anywhere in the place and we’re feeling like we’ve settled right in. There’s an ongoing process of making it ‘ours’ with the addition of new prints and artwork for the walls, but it’s a place that really lends itself to being a visual work in progress and I think that’s what interested us about it in the first place. 



So much has come together just recently; our business is 10 years old, new studio space and a lot of time during lockdown to pause and reconsider and re-evaluate how we do things. We are embarking on an in-depth rebranding exercise with Jeremy Mitchell (formerly head of marketing at St Austell Brewery, now freelance) to give our business a refresh and we will once again be collaborating with ace developer Mike to build us a new website. 


However precarious the general situation feels at the moment, we have much to feel positive about for our future. More than ever it feels like a new page that we’ve started on and we’re excited about that.

As always we’ve got decent coffee brewing, either a Kraken Blend from our pal Sean or a Knockout Blend from Olfactory down the road in Penryn. If you’d like to set up a socially distant meeting to discuss a new project or would just like to come and have a nosey around the new studio, do drop us a line


Above: It's an ace corner of Truro



Above: Nice light meeting and photo studio space



Above: The ever-present bag of coffee beans... it's why our studio smells so nice : )

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