Cornwall Trade & Investment

Photography for this programme run by Cornwall Development Company

Cornwall Trade & Investment is a programme run by Cornwall Development Company that works to attract and support businesses into Cornwall and also help's Cornwall's existing businesses export their products and services.

Since 2016, we have been working with Cornwall Trade & Investment on building their library of photography to support their marketing of Cornwall as a forward-thinking place for business as opposed to solely a tourist destination. 

Previously called Invest in Cornwall, they rebranded at the beginning of 2019 as Cornwall Trade & Investment and we have continued to work with them, focussing on innovative businesses and start ups here in Cornwall. Working on such a project over several years has provided some amazing opportunities to see behind the scenes of a vast array of businesses. From travelling deep underground at South Crofty Mine to shooting chef Paul Ainsworth at work, it’s been an incredibly diverse brief!

In 2018, we worked on a series of portraits that were then used as part of a JC Decaux billboard campaign across London that clocked up an impressive 40 million+ impressions.   

To add to this, it was important to also create a collection of photos that highlighted Cornwall’s natural beauty and the opportunities it provides in terms of work life balance.

We have worked with Sally for over five years and she always exceeds our expectations, our clients love her work too. We often require last minute flexibility, and a high level of discretion - Sally is always accommodating at puts everyone in front of the camera at ease - she definitely has a natural eye for photography and an extremely creative approach. Highly recommended.