B Skincare

E-commerce website design and photography work for natural skincare brand B Skincare

Refreshing the look and feel of B Skincare's natural skincare range of products through packaging design, photography and a new e-commerce site.

We’ve been working with B Skincare for almost a decade. During that time their business has grown significantly and our work encompasses everything from photography and packaging to website design and illustration.

Through product and lifestyle photography, Sal has captured the quality of their products and laborious ‘made by hand’ processes whilst Emma demonstrated their sense of fun and broad appeal with bold colourful new label designs for their all-new, more environmentally-friendly packaging.

We completed a custom built e-commerce website with our developer partner mikesimagination.net which has seen sales increase 38% in the first year.

Since working with B Skincare we've had the softest, best moisturised hands in all of Cornwall.

Visit their website www.bskincare.co.uk

Sal and Emma have a gentle approach and it has always been a collaborative process working with them. Re-packaging our full product range was no small task and we were mindful of our very well-established customer base when considering new designs but the end result has been a huge success with fabulous feedback from our customers – old and new – resulting in an increase in sales on all product lines! The website continues to perform well for us, is full of useful information and tells our story beautifully.

We are definitely not a big corporate organisation, our business is centred around people and inspired by nature and ayr have always paid particular attention to that. With a great eye for detail that keeps our brand identity consistent and creative flair that sets us apart from our competitors, we hope to be working with them for many more years to come.