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Goonhilly Earth Station

23 June 2017

During my photographic work with the Invest in Cornwall team, I've had access to the Goonhilly Earth Station site on the Lizard Peninsula. It's an atmospheric place to wander around with a camera and never fails to set my imagination going.... there is something vaguely post-apocalyptic about the place with tufts of grass growing up through cracks in the roads around the site, barely a soul to be seen and a persistent breeze blowing across the Goonhilly nature reserve.


Beneath all the post-apocalyptic vibes though lies a fascinating place where they are pioneering the world's first commercial Deep Space Communications service amongst many other projects.

It's offered up some interesting and memorable photographic opportunities throughout the year and I always struggle (in a good way) to not to try and turn the photos into some sort of art project!


~ Sal


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