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14 April 2022


Coming up for 12 years ago, we both decided to quit our jobs and set up our own creative studio. Design Room Cornwall was born from our little garden room which we had built as our first office. Anyone who’s ever had to name something - a business, a pet, a person - knows just how hard it is to get right. It worked for a long time, and then we started to feel like it just wasn’t really ‘us’.

It’s been a very organic (slow!) process, we’ve taken our time over our re-brand and paid close attention to the things that matter most to us as a business. We both felt a connection to the word Ayr right from the start.

Ayr is the Cornish spelling for air and is pronounced the same way. It references our ‘home’ in the middle of Cornwall, surrounded by epic coastline, open to the elements on all sides. It is a big deep breath of fresh sea air in our lungs, the ever-changing colour of the sea and the cliffs, and the feeling of being unrestricted yet hugely connected. All of this is at the core of what we do, we don’t just photograph and design stuff, we breathe life into brands.

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