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The Brave & Beautiful Calendar

02 September 2019


It was an absolute privilege to be asked to take the portraits for this amazing project, The Brave & Beautiful - Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar. I worked with Liz Rogers, founder of the calendar project and herself, still recovering from the effects of treatment for breast cancer. Everyone I photographed for this calendar has either been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer or referred to the family history clinic at Mermaid Centre. Photographing such portraits requires a high level of respect, sensitivity and trust - I won't lie - it has been one of the most challenging photographic tasks I've ever taken on - at the same time however, it has been the most incredible experience and learning curve. 


The photoshoots took us across Cornwall as well as over to the Isles of Scilly. Hearing the stories of what these women have been through was genuinely humbling, thought-provoking but also incredibly inspiring. Thank you to everyone who had their portraits taken for this amazing project, for putting your trust in me as a photographer and to Liz for inviting me on board to be part of such a special calendar.


"Sally tackled this subject with such grace, respect and empathy and ensured all the ladies taking part were made to feel valued and special. The quality of the portraits is a testament to her skills as a photographer and a thoroughly lovely lady. It's been an absolute pleasure working with her and can not recommend her highly enough."  - Liz Rogers


Below I've shared a selection of behind the scenes snaps from the photoshoots and also a link to purchase it - it's a beautifully printed A3 calendar, printed by St Austell Printing Company. 

- Sal



Above Left: Arriving on ScillyAbove Right: Coming back in over Land's End.


Above: bunches of beautiful flowers at Treloweth flowers farm on St Mary's where we shot Lou's portrait.


Above: Taking time out from portraits for a stroll on St Mary's for some breathtaking views.


Above: Transport around the Caerhays Estate for Sheila's November portrait. 


Above: the New Zealand Huntaways getting ready to round up the flock for Liz's cover shot!


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